Remove NILE

NILE virus: a new version of Jigsaw ransomware

NILE can get inside a system if one browses malicious websites or downloads corrupted shareware or freeware. Many people find spam extremely annoying and they are willing to pay for a program that can handle spam flow. Here is how the warning looks like: Just like all its forerunners and other rogues, NILE must be removed from the system without any delay. NILE encoder is aimed at vulnerable server-side software. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t provide any sensitive information and remove NILE from your computer as soon as possible. Related files:   realscanner.dll, wasetup.exe NILE properties: We recommend you to scan your computer with real anti-spyware application to avoid serious and unnecessary problems.

Uninstall PPHL


After the encryption is over, a new .txt file is created, which informs the user that now the files on the computer are locked and that the user has to buy an encryption key in order to get his/her files back, or else, these files will be lost forever. Seeking this aim, PPHL shows a huge notification, that reports about these ‘crimes’. Ransomware viruses encrypt  When ransomware viruses were just appearing, the ransom equaled to 1 Bitcoin or 1,5. Ransomware viruses bear the highest degree of danger. The reason of doing all this unwanted activity is really simple – PPHL seeks to convince its victims to pay a 100 euro fine in exchange for the unlock code. • Shows commercial adverts

Remove LOG ransomware

How much damage can LOG ransomware inflict?

LOG ransomware is distributed by trojan horse via fake updates and programs. Discovered by a malware analyst Katja Hahn, it bears resemblance to GNL LOG ransomware (read the further paragraph) and is considered to be a modified version of this crypto-malware. That’s why it blocks entire PC system and shows a warning, which lists these crimes and then asks to pay the fine of 100 euro for avoiding more serious consequences. These viruses always try to make its victims think that they have a deal with the governmental authority, which has blocked their computers for various e-crimes detected. Somehow, hackers mainly target Russian-speaking countries: However, you must ignore these illegitimate actions that are reported on a fake LOG ransomware del LOG ransomware alert and remove LOG ransomware from your computer just like you must have done with El Equipo ha Sido Bloqueado LOG ransomware

TCPRX Removal

HOW CAN I GET INFECTED WITH TCPRX Ministère de l’Intérieur Virus?

.TCPRX ransomware is a virus that can lock your life and make it almost impossible to restore them. However, it seems that it has recently been updated and, at the moment of writing, actively spreads around the Internet. Scanning a computer online without your consent is impossible; By blocking the computer, it restricts the user from using programs or files that are stored on the compromised computer. Once it’s there, TCPRX is used to set up a stealthy platform which should additionally help for the scammers to download various malware infections on the PC. In any case, paying the money should not be your priority.

HAT ransomware Removal

HOW CAN I GET INFECTED WITH ‘HAT ransomware ir bloķets’?

HAT ransomware (also known as Revoyem or HAT ransomware.exe) is a very malicious computer infection, which may cause data and money loss. The website does not host malicious software, but it provides false information and Antivirus System PRO order page. it was placed on my computer desktop. The sum is as big as 150EUR. Additionally, it reports about various law violations and asks to pay the fine in order to remove the lock and avoid more serious consequences. Instead, you should remove the virus from your computer immediately. HAT should be blocked using the HOSTS file. HAT ransomware may also install additional malwares on the infected machine.

How to remove MNBZR?

MNBZR virus – a bothersome ransomware threat

Fear is the drive for mankind to be controlled by a stronger leader or abuser. Computer users must avoid downloading malicious MNBZR related files at all costs because hardly anything can be done after  In reality, this is a ransomware infection that uses legitimate prepayment systems to steal the money from unaware PC users. Besides, just like Cryptowall, Cryptolocker, CTB Locker, Critroni  The biggest problem with ‘MNBZR Ireland’s National Police Service’ ransomware is that it completely locks its victims down so that they can’t do anything about it. Usually, this folder is used to store back-up files and similar data. gets inside its target PC system, it 

Remove ERIF

Modus operandi of ERIF virus

ERIF is a dangerous ransomware, which is also known as Poliisi ERIF This screen locker attacks those PC users who live in Finland. This program can also be categorized as ransomware because it blocks down the system as soon as it is downloaded onto it. Of course, this message is fake and it is used for the only aim – hackers expect that it will help them to collect 100 euro from each of the victims. ERIF 2008 infects computers when users install fake video codecs that are actually trojans. If it is secured, the ERIF does not even install itself on  The most common way to get infected with ERIF is downloading a fake video codec that hides a trojan. • Shows commercial adverts • Connects itself to the internet • Stays resident in background

How to remove KUUS?


AntiRogue Killer comes on a computer bundled with trojans and other malware masked as video codecs. The Internet community immediately started suggesting that CryptXXX might be changing its name as well. Typically, this alert accuses users for initiating various law violations, such as the use of copyrighted content, distribution of malware and similar. It is advertised on various malicious websites and through the use of Trojans. To be more precise, KUUS locks computer with a huge alert, which lists various crimes and additionally asks to pay the fine of $500 in order to remove this lock. in this case, the left ransom note is also written in Russian. Error Repair Tool is a scam.

Uninstall BMTF

HOW CAN I GET INFECTED WITH BMTF Computer BMTFactive -System Cleaner BMTF Progress’ virus?

Identically to FBI virus, ‘BMTF’ virus displays its fake message as soon as it infiltrates computer. While the name of the program might lull the user into a false sense of security, it is no different than any other rogue and is, as a matter of fact, a clone of Zynaps Anti-spyware. support service that offers helping people to solve computer-related issues. The first wave of BMTF attacks has been recorded two years ago in Europe, the United States, and Canada. However, there is nothing more to expect from sites that present an illegal program. and  This notification claims that BMTF has blocked your computer for security reasons and asks to pay the fine in order to unblock it.

How to remove Felix?

Felix – a new malicious ransomware

Felix is a malicious software, which displays forged system scanners seeking to lead its visitors to the money loss. This parasite uses trojans, such as the infamous Zlob or Vundo, to enter the system – much like any other rogue. Pulizija ta’ Felix’, be sure that you can safely ignore it. They typically apply legitimate logos, copy the existent laws and use similar details that are expected to trick people into believing that they have a deal with a real police. They all demand ransom for the decryption of the files and in this way make illegal profit. If your computer has been targeted by this virus, collect yourself and let us tell you how to remove Felix