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Stay clear of website as it is one more malicious site promoting Security Tool rogue anti-spyware program. This is where the dilemma of whether you should this search tool or continue using it comes in. The main purpose of any browser hijacker is to generate traffic to its promoted website and prevent users from changing their homepages to their preferred ones. In reality, this page is based on quite unfair technique, which tries to increase the number of its visitors by using browser hijacker, which alters DNS settings. As a matter of fact, it is quite probable that you do not even recall installing it but you may remember that you have installed a free program lately. Removal

HOW CAN INFILTRATE COMPUTER? virus is a browser hijacker that can affect your Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and other browsers. This shady company has already issued,,, etc. Antivirus Live is known to make every computer extremely slow, let more malware inside and even completely damage it. virus attempts to attract and sustain a steady amount of visitors because they are an integral part of its goal. These search sites are identical, i.e. A browser hijacker is not an extremely dangerous threat. In exchange for this job, the developers of this search engine are generating their income.


Can I trust search engine? is a browser hijacker that may regularly redirect your browser to Browser hijackers are adware mutants that not only hijack your default search provider but also contaminate your web browser with spam advertisements. The program is usually set to be added by default alongside various free media players, PDF creators, download managers and similar applications. If you require any assistance with malware removal, get yourself a licensed computer security tool. Futuremore, you will get some additional adware installed together with Antivirus 360 to ensure that you will buy their products. “/scan1/? If you have been suffering from such things, you should immediately run a full system scan with updated anti-spyware and remove redirect virus.

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If you have been suffering from ads during each of your search sessions, you should stay away from them as far as you can. If you are interested in computers and their security, you must have heard about this distribution method and how popular it has become. The main purpose of hijacker is making people interested in buying InternetAntivirus software. You can see how it looks in the picture below. If you want to stop redirects, you should check your computer with automated security software and also follow our step-by-step guide explainig how to fix your browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Removal

Why am I redirected to (also known as Metacrawler Search) is a questionable search engine, which we don’t recommend using for browsing. In addition, before installing it on your computer, you should know that this browser add-on  Once inside, it doesn’t allow you to use any other search provider. Usually you have to deselect options to install various bundles, including virus because the latter are checked for you beforehand. Complete removal of is the only way that you can restore the default settings of your web browser. The same can be said about – it without hesitation if you have already discovered it set as your homepage and default search provider. Unfortunately, that’s not all what it can.

Uninstall virus: why you should remove it? is a good example of what happens when a third party makes use of a legitimate product. It ‘s a program that tends to change your search results and redirect you to commercial or in some cases even malicious websites. No wonder people say that not all that glitters is gold. Hold from this website as far as you can and also keep your real anti-spyware protected. Whether or not your homepage was modified without your permission, it is recommended that you delete, and the reasons for that are discussed in this report. At some cases, browser hijackers are formed while following the pattern of other searching facilities.

How to remove

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We cannot say that is a very harmful search engine that will cause harm to you immediately if you ever enter a search query in its search box or click on one of those quick access buttons; is malicious website and application. Usually this is done while you are installing various free programs to your system. The program infiltrates to computers without users’ consent. As soon as it affects web browsers, it may initiate changes and may alter the start page or default search engine. has a sole purpose of benefiting itself and its partners. By keeping it on your computer, you risk exposing your computer to really suspicious websites. Removal

What is and do I need to know about it? virus is a browser hijacker that secretly infiltrates into Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and even Safari, so even Mac users can be affected. search engine that may hijack all of your web browsers at once. It looks like an ordinary search from the first glimpse. Users who have encountered this browser hijacker complain that they could not remove it easily. While it sounds tempting to have an application like that you need to know that such statements are just a gimmick that is used to trick unsuspecting Internet users into installing this intrusive toolbar.


Beware of search engine! is not a  Typically, these redirects start when machine gets infected with the browser hijacker virus. First of all, this site has been reported for its hijacking capabilities. It is so because the majority of PC users tend to ignore the information provided on the installation process. That’s because virus may end up on the computers along with other freewares  NOT! That’s because it is sponsored by third parties and may be employed in the affiliate marketing. That’s why you should stay away from them as far as you can. Removal

How can I recognize that has hijacked my computer? is a browser plugin which is compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. Removing this application is something you ought to do, provided that you have already installed it. It can be installed to Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Despite its innocent looks, it can lead you to possibly dangerous Internet sites, where you may be offered to install questionable or even harmful programs, or asked to reveal some sensitive information. What is even more concerning is the fact that this browser hijacker could also prove to be potentially harmful. The user then has a choice to either “Continue Unprotected” or “Get security software”.